Apr. 12th, 2012

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Again, please, I beg you - go look at the Silkies. This is boring in the extreme unless you're interested in the idea of starting your own or you just want to laugh at my insane OCD requirements that the whole thing be color coordinated. In that case, grab a bowl of chips and laugh yourself silly.

The top shelf currently holds extra trays, 2nd shelf holds our two seed containers and the seed soaking bowls. 3rd and 4th shelf holds the BOSS and Rye seeds, extra trays are lightly resting to simulate weight. On the porch floor, two roasting pans catch extra water. We reuse that next time to re-water the seeds, roughly every 4 hours. The fodder system uses gravity. I water the top trays and they slowly drip down to the next. So for now the 3rd shelf trays drip water down onto the 4th shelf trays. The 4th shelf trays drip down into the water collectors, which I then use to water again in a few hours. :D As we continue, I'll fill up more the shelves by dividing the 4 in half, so we'll have 8 trays tomorrow.


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Day 2: Freshly watered in their tray. Each tray has at least 4 and up to 8 holes drilled in the bottom to facilitate the weeping system.


Hobo supervises my every move. My. Every. Move.


Gracie was up on the porch watching everything I did until she decided it would be a lot more fun for her if I'd throw a ball. A dozen or so times. Or more. She's standing on the ramp, blocking it from the Bassets. And she really doesn't care.


All zipped up, dripping and hopefully growing. *cross fingers*



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