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Woke up to a dark, sprinkling day which generally does not bode well for the rest of the day. Sure enough, by the time I headed out for work, it was pouring rain. I had to pull over several times during my commute for emergency vehicles and I've heard them out on Route 20 during my shift.

As I look out the front windows, the fog is below tree line and sinking on the water. A drenched Bald Eagle is perched on a tree near the shore, I can't think he's hunting for fish given the opacity of the water. Perhaps he's keeping an eye out for field mice in the fields along the shore, perhaps he's waiting for a distracted driver to run over a pigeon or seagull. He looks so miserable, hunched up with his head just peeking out from the curve of his wings.

The afternoon has been busier for the bookstore, thankfully. I'm hoping the trend continues, especially on a hard rain day like today. Meanwhile, the odd requests continue via phone and I'm struggling to search for these mismatched titles and authors.

Another day, another bucket of rain.
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