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I tripped again in the backyard. I shall wait for your curse words and statements of incredulity. *inert Jeopardy music here*

With my bifocals, I can't see the damn holes. So I put my foot in one and went down. Bam! But without yummy goodness afterward. This time, its my left ankle. Doesn't hurt really, but its swollen to hell and the ER pronounced its not broken. It just won't rotate left, as in can't. I tell it to and it sits there, awaiting instructions. Or my knee tries to take on the duty. So I have to see an orthopedist. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, I'm hobbling around with an ace bandage and one of those blow up splints. Again, it doesn't really hurt. But I'm trying to stay off of it and keep it elevated as much as I can. I'm already on "rest" for the dang enlarged spleen to propping up a leg isn't too much more trouble. *eye roll*

On that note: Please don't tell me to use crutches. I have no idea what it is about crutches but the minute I start using them I get severe vertigo, then I speed up when I walk because it seems to lessen it so I can get to a seat faster and that freaks everyone out. All I can figure is there's some nerve or blood vessel in my armpits, perhaps an inner ear thing. I just get woozy as all hell even just standing on them and BAM! I'm falling over. Very much not in the spirit of healing. Those who have hung around have seen the secondary injury action before. Maybe its related to the migraines. We don't know why, its just Trista speshulness.

In completely unrelated news: I have successfully networked for friends. Renee and Shelli had an apartment over their garage for rent. Lisa needed an apartment. They have been introduced and hit it off. So now, at some point in the future, Lisa will be moving in, with her infant son Liam, into the above the garage apartment. *grin*

Date: 2012-07-27 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your crutches should pretty much never touch your armpits. If they are, you're using them incorrectly.

Date: 2012-07-29 03:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't use regular crutches, either. European forearm crutches are my friend. Less strain on the wrists and shoulders than either American crutches or a cane. (I got mine for $25 on eBay.)

There are some places my wheels just don't go, or I am just not up to dealing with them for. Then the sticks are worth their weight in gold. (More than their weight, actually. They don't weigh very much at all.)


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