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Really. Never again. Folks with Costochondritis shouldn't sneeze. Its painful. It takes entire minutes for the initial supernova of pain to subside. So two months worth of sneezing is really not acceptable.

So I went to the doctor who was sort of tolerantly amused at my symptoms and told me its not a cold. Its autumn allergies. She also told me that Zyrtec is not a miracle and its obviously not enough, nor are the other medications I'd been given in the past. Also, she took away my Afrin. As in physically removed it from my possession. Rebound concerns. So now I have a nasal inhaler. And simple saline nasal spray. And Sinutab. And a referral to an ENT surgeon because that deviated septum looks "HORRIFYING!" and "no wonder you can hardly breath!", "that must make you snore!" so its time for surgery. Possibly.

Which means, Gods help me, my mother's dream may be coming true at long last. I may actually be getting a newish nose. Or something. I'm not sure how much they can do without screwing up my nose. Last time we discussed this with an ENT surgeon (back in 1990) they told me the surgery would change the shape of my nose so I may as well choose a new one. And how the hell do you choose a new nose? I can barely choose a new sweater. Seriously. Or a new haircut. I am not built to make these kinds of personal appearance decisions. Really, I'm not. I dress in classic yuppy for a reason, folks, its SAFE and I understand the rules of that fashion sense. Choosing a new nose is *off the rails*.

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Our two farmhands started today, a young couple just moved to Whidbey and trying to get set up here. They are hoping to get full time positions, but in the meanwhile, they are working odd jobs to pay for the residential motel where they staying. They did a nice job, a bit slow, but that's normal for learning the ropes. The animals like them and that's a good recommendation.

I checked on Ebony, our black Silkie broody hen. Still no chicks. She has three eggs and I've very hopeful we'll get chicks soon. I also opened up the blue shed coop to give the young Ameraucanas, Cochins and EEs an opportunity to come out if they want to. I doubt they will, they are, if you'll forgive the pun - chicken. LOL Shady had 6 hours to play in her outdoor pen yesterday, she's pooped today and happy to be in her cage in the foyer.

I'm still a bit sore from my couple of hours working outside yesterday, so I'm sticking to inside chores. I'm so crazy fond of my Method handsoap bottles, so I've been re-purposing them for shampoo, lotion, etc. bottles. Even took a scouring sponge to one to give it a texture. Spent about a half hour re-organizing my bathroom cupboards. A needful thing. Doodle, the love Buggy, kept me company just in case anything edible was revealed. Ever the hopeful Basset. I need to make up a batch of Shy Rose Toner. I've a few other projects I need to get back to. Ta-ta.


Oct. 18th, 2012 05:42 pm
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Josh is participating in this and heading up the campaign in his shop at the Navy.

The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research
The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and testicular cancer initiatives. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

For more information on the programs we are funding please visit the following:
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan

Obviously, there is a wicked joke (many actually) about growing out a mustache to support testicular and related cancer research, so please go ahead and make yours in the comments below.
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Martha Grahamcracker is now bouncing around the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt disapproving of it all, nibbling on everything and bossing everyone around. I would expect nothing else of our fierce little force of Nature.


Josh buried her under the Rowan tree. I expect next year's berries will be especially tart.
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It looks at this point like we're going to need to bring Martha in to a vet to be humanely put down. We'd hoped, as you do, that she'd pass quietly in the night but while her body seems to be rallying, her brain has not.

I think she's had a stroke or similar neurological episode - one of her pupils is huge and she's blind, she doesn't respond to light or movement. She doesn't appear to be closing her eyes. She will eat when food is put in front of her, drink when an eye dropper is put in front of her. She cannot move to walk around and can barely move on her own violation. She has been soiling herself and I've been cleaning her roughly 4x a day, with a bath at least once a day. She jerks and over-reacts when touched as if she's being attacked. Only after speaking to her for some time and calmly rubbing her does she slowly relax. I'm not sure if she can hear (no response to snapping), though she does respond to vibrations. I'm not sure why, but she insists on lying on her right side, I've tried to turn her on to her left and she seems to have some kind of reflex panic, flopping around until I resettle her. She cannot rest on her belly. She does appear to rest comfortably and I am keeping her temperature constant by the temporary use of a heating pad on mild (it cycles on and off), which I move on and off her, with a towel as a buffer.

Today is Joshua's birthday. *sigh* And of course, this is one of his favorite rabbits. We'll see about getting her in tomorrow.
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Its a slow weekend here at the house. Yesterday, Josh yanked everything out from under the sink and put down vinyl shelf paper, doing the same for the glass cupboards. He's going to do the baking cupboard, possibly during the week. Then he'll do the dishes and cooking cupboard.

Deanna came over last night to learn to make the Neely Family fried chicken recipe. We ended up on an incense making spree, which was great - she made Bast incense. I'm still screwing around with a Samhain recipe for the site. Not particularly fond of most of the recipes I'm finding, which seem to be fumitory in nature. *shudder* I have found one that's nice, but it needs tweaking, which I'm currently working on.

Woke up with a fever. I take this as a good thing, as my immune system is finally taking on this stupid sinus thing head on. I'm sneezing like crazy and still feverish. Hoping this means the end of the cold is near.

Meanwhile, Martha is hanging on. Her digestive system is working again. This is a good sign, though she's still not moving much. We're feeding and watering her by hand. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow, see what the vet says, etc.
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Instead of waking up with my hands numb and tingling, it managed to hold off until almost noon. To celebrate, I did a bunch of chores, caught up on a bit of organizing back in my home office (re-organizing the herbs, resins, incense mixing desk, etc.) and what has becoming a truly bizarrely large collection of canning jars. In fact, I'm likely going to have to consider either using them for selling or get an under the bed organizer for them.

In fact, I'm starting to believe there is a secret underground economy in canning jars. And I am a major player in it but my email system is eating the memos.

Next up, redesign the Triple Pillars label and order bags. Have I mentioned I suck at designing? Why yes, I do.
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I was re-organizing the Western section yesterday, removing some tired and worn out paperbacks and replacing them with newer ones. While I was alphabetizing the authors, much to my surprise, I found a non-Western title among them. Or so I thought.

T: "Hey, Ginger, here's one that needs to be re-shelved in general fiction."
G: "How do you know its not a Western?"
T: "There's a mermaid on the cover!"
G: "No mermaids in the Old West?"
T: (considers this) "Not that I've ever read about and I've read a metric ton of Zane Greys. There's no genre crossing of Mermaids and Westerns."
G: "Leave it there, give the old duffers who buy Westerns a thrill"
T: "Now that I think about it, there really should be some mermaids in the old West. Between all the booze, dehydration, sunstroke and lonely cowboys."
G: "You've already put some bodice rippers in there, haven't you?"
T: "A few 'A hard man is good to find, yes' just to fill out the section, qualified by actual Western content. No actual bodice rippers, a true cowboy tosses your skirts."

These conversations, my dear, is how we spend our afternoons when there are no customers around.
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Working on:

Plagues and Peoples by William H. McNeil
This is what I call an "airplane book" as no one will bother you when you read it because its so alarming. Other great books on this genre (different authors) are Stiff and the Red Market. McNeil is needlessly dry and academically formal to the point where you can barely pin down what he's saying. He's one of those authors who can't past his own writing style to make direct statements. *eye roll* Once you get past that, its an interesting take on how disease, especially parasites, have altered the course of human evolution and civilization. Readers will learn interesting points, such as Sickle Cell Anemia may have developed to combat malaria in Africa and other environs, hence its predominance in specific ethnic groups from those geographic areas.

Clicky for more )
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I picked up Kevin from the airport shuttle at 1:30am, even brought Doodle along for the ride through the pea soup fog and suicidal deer. By the time I got home, sometime around 3am, I fell into bed and slept through to almost noon.

The boys are out riding, while I'm essentially going through the motions of the morning hours. Flash is still moping at me, having howled (according to Josh) for an hour after Doodle and I left to pick up Kevin. He really is the *most* spoiled Basset. Speaking of, my mother sent him a double Basset Hound roll pillow for Josh's birthday, it arrived today (several weeks early). Its rather cute, a velvet back with hooked yarn. The company thoughtfully sent us the catalog so we know precisely how much it cost. *eye roll*

Marc came by and picked up his rooster, thankfully, we've been cocksitting for so long, we've forgotten how long. We'd agreed that if he didn't pick the roo up by Monday we'd take him to the livestock auction, but it wasn't a threat or anything. Marc said he just needed an incentive to make a decision either way.

I'm going to try for pictures today, as the sun has shown up!
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Woke up with a headache and aura, bordering on migraine. Took the migraine meds and drank a cup of coffee, which often helps stave off the worst of it. Its a very foggy here, so thick I can't see the neighbor on the corner or the far corner of my backyard. If anything, it seems to be getting worse, the driveway is getting foggier as I type.

Definitely going to be a slow morning.
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Wendy, our Ever-Ready Mama, has another set of eggs ready to hatch in the next week (or so). I've popped her in the freshly cleaned Rustic Roost. She has 6 eggs, which is a very small clutch for her.

Meanwhile, I've popped a handful of quail eggs and unfertilized Silkie eggs in with one of the Silkie hens in hopes she'll brood them. I'll gradually remove the Silkie eggs and pop in more quail eggs if she does. I'll likely have to remove the chicks once they hatch, from the accounts I'm seeing online, there's a possibility the super-activity of baby quail can spook Silkie mammas, so they may need to be brooder raised. We'll see how this goes.

Rachel came today to do the farm chores. I helped her with the quail and she still managed to let one of the quail loose. *eye roll* She'd already let one of the Ameraucanas loose. Banner day. She'd forgotten to clean the hutches, so I reminded her about that. She'd also not cleaned the pens, so that's not done. *extreme eye rolling* I've been outside about two hours total, helping with the quail and moving the Silkies around. Its now about 73F or so, likely a bit hotter in the direct sun, so I'm hanging out indoors. I'm thinking our little loose quail will return to hang out near the quail cages, so I keep checking through the windows. *cross fingers*

I hammered out the opening of the TOL workshop on Sunday while doing farmchores. Yay for multi-tasking. I've only 20 minutes, so its really only an overview. :D

Still dealing with the issue of gnats and the fodder system. I need to figure out what is safe for the sprouts and the chickens. Wondering if a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar would do. Must do some more research on this, so far I'm completely stalling out on finding anything.

And now, I think I need a nap. *zzz*
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Much needed cleaning was done, as guests are expected much of the weekend. Josh managed the floors and back porch. I did the dusting and kitchen cleaning before heading into town to pickup our first visitor.

Had a lovely day yesterday with [ profile] alfrecht, who is always an easy guest and gentleman. The dogs adore him and Hobo, the Ambassador, had a wonderful petting session on his lap. While we watched True Blood episodes, I managed to get caught up on laundry.

Neighbors dropped in with a refugee chicken from the other side of the neighborhood. *eye roll* Apparently, someone in the neighborhood is missing a Buff Orpington. The little girls brought it by Thursday afternoon, then bought a dozen eggs (always a bonus!). This is, you may recall, how we ended up with the Pot Belly Pig, Spike. So now we have Honey. I've checked with the folks in the neighborhood who have chickens that we have contact information for. I've also told the community office! We're discussing the need for a chicken club and possibly a database of breeds for the neighborhood.

Karen asked that I switch days so I could spend the day with her bookkeeper tomorrow, so I unexpectedly have today off. I'm finishing up on a few household chores (cleaned off the front porch, dog nose art on the front windows, etc) and trying to get things ready for the weekend. Lisa's sister is in town, helping her get ready for her upcoming move, so they'll be over to see the critters. Knowing our place, we'll have a few folks by to meet Honey. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, its time to go visit/check on/help with Tiger. See you on the flipside.
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More Flemie goodness: Obsidian, aka Sid, (formerly known as Bucky) with a Method soap bottle for scale, weighing in at 12 pounds! 29 inches, nose to tail. He's enjoying some sofa time in the AC right now. :D

BuckyII 007sm
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Somewhat on schedule, the post-adrenaline crash has set in with a low fever and massive body aches. I called in sick today and am spending as much time resting today as possible. Tonight, we're scheduled to head to the mainland for ritual so I really need to get over this, if at all possible.

Napping shall commence.
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Meet the new guy - our Flemish Giant rabbit (buck, aka male). On the way home from the livestock auction I called him Bucky, Josh doesn't seem to think the double entendre is as funny as I do. But until we figure out a better name, I'll likely continue to think of him as Big Bucky. More pics on FB, here.


I managed to cover his winning bid ($13) with the proceeds from a friend's two Barred Rock roosters and my three Silkie cockerels (all three returns from the straight run Silkie sales), with a bit left over. *whew!* Josh is thrilled, we're thinking he's around 15 or so pounds. We really need to get a scale soon for the poultry and bunnies.

We have Bucky set up in the middle pen of the West Wing, surrounded on both sides by Silkies. We'll likely have to re-enforce the exterior fencing soon, as he may decide its a lot of fun to unravel the chicken coop fencing. We have a tougher fencing we can quickly staple in over that, if need be.

Bucky is friendly and very happy to be out of cages and in a pen of his own, he's experimenting with the possibility of climbing up the hutch. Whether he gets up there or not, only time will tell. He's already water bottle trained, though we did give him a water bowl just in case. I've given him some nose rubbins, brought his scent back to Shady and she seems to approve. She has another 3-6 months at least until she's big enough to even consider introducing the two.

Later this week, we'll put Shady in her own exercise pen and they can stare across the aisle and make goo-goo nose twitches at each other. :D
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I tripped again in the backyard. I shall wait for your curse words and statements of incredulity. *inert Jeopardy music here*

With my bifocals, I can't see the damn holes. So I put my foot in one and went down. Bam! But without yummy goodness afterward. This time, its my left ankle. Doesn't hurt really, but its swollen to hell and the ER pronounced its not broken. It just won't rotate left, as in can't. I tell it to and it sits there, awaiting instructions. Or my knee tries to take on the duty. So I have to see an orthopedist. *eye roll*

Meanwhile, I'm hobbling around with an ace bandage and one of those blow up splints. Again, it doesn't really hurt. But I'm trying to stay off of it and keep it elevated as much as I can. I'm already on "rest" for the dang enlarged spleen to propping up a leg isn't too much more trouble. *eye roll*

On that note: Please don't tell me to use crutches. I have no idea what it is about crutches but the minute I start using them I get severe vertigo, then I speed up when I walk because it seems to lessen it so I can get to a seat faster and that freaks everyone out. All I can figure is there's some nerve or blood vessel in my armpits, perhaps an inner ear thing. I just get woozy as all hell even just standing on them and BAM! I'm falling over. Very much not in the spirit of healing. Those who have hung around have seen the secondary injury action before. Maybe its related to the migraines. We don't know why, its just Trista speshulness.

In completely unrelated news: I have successfully networked for friends. Renee and Shelli had an apartment over their garage for rent. Lisa needed an apartment. They have been introduced and hit it off. So now, at some point in the future, Lisa will be moving in, with her infant son Liam, into the above the garage apartment. *grin*
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I'm sitting around waiting for the day to begin, like usual. Lori has a prolapsed hen, who may have reversed itself overnight. I love that I get these calls at night, btw. They explain what's going on, I tell them what it most likely is and we decide if its an emergency or if its a first thing in the morning scenario. Rural Poultry Medicine on the Island. :D Update: Lori has rainchecked me (and not a cloud in the sky). I'll likely hear from her later today about her hen, meanwhile she was able to get her mother in for an eye appointment at the last minute. Much, much more important.

In a few minutes, I'm leaving to pick up a dozen Coturnix (aka Japanese) Quail. Bob has decided he's done with them, so I'm picking up "around" 12. Hopefully, more female than male. I'm having to crunch study on them. Quail are great fliers, so I'm trying to sort out how we're going to keep them here, how to properly maintain them and how to set them up for breeding purposes! And eggs! That should be a fun project for me. Those freebie rabbit cages we picked up a few months back should make for good quail cages, I'll hopefully have something ready to "go and show" later today.

This afternoon, I'm heading over to talk to the new owner of the Wind & Tide Bookstore. She wants me to come work for her! So that's marvelous. I've already set up Delightfully Deviant/Pandora with a photoshoot there yesterday, so I'm networking like crazy!
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There are times, as derpy as Doodle is, that he appears to understand English. You just can't explain it, but he synchs up and does precisely what he's supposed to as if he's fluent. Maybe he is and its all an act.

So today, Kevin is over helping Josh get a few things done on the To Do List (like shooting the microwave). Now, background: Doodle is in massive LURV with everyone, no matter how they personally may feel about him. Kevin's not really fond of Doodle, he's too exuberant for Kevin's tastes. But yanno, he's nice to Doodle. Doodle's just insanely fond of Kevin.

To tease Kevin, I told him that we've decided that since Boo has passed, we're going to give him Doodle to keep him company. Right at that VERY second, Doodle comes running through the kitchen, up to Kevin in the back foyer and jumps up putting his paws in Kevin's waiting hands. On cue! We couldn't have planned this, trained for this, set it up for a movie, etc. better if we'd TRIED. Kevin tossed his head back and laughed, a good healing laugh.

Glorious, Doodle Buggy, just glorious!


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