Nov. 6th, 2009 08:49 am
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We've survived the 51 mph winds last night with only a few branches down. Exciting stuff. I did have to go out and secure the shed doors so they weren't ripped from their hinges, fortunately each shed backs up to the wind which I'm sure helped tremendously.
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Last night we had the first big wind of the season - bent the flag's bracket back about 180 degrees! I brought in the wind chimes and glass lights last night, just to be safe. The Shrine Goddess, thankfully, is protected in the border by the trees - she's fine.

We have a lot of branches down and a few boards from the fence. The ducks were a bit alarmed last night, we could hear them inside the house. The cheekins were put off egg laying, we'll be adding more wind protection for them and increasing their hutch space hopefully this weekend. Meanwhile, we are trying an experiment by allowing the cheekins out to forage.

Josh's main job this weekend is gravel. We need a layer of small rock as a foundation for the new shed and a few inches deep inside Duckgard, since I'm slipping all over the place on the wet hay. It works well in summer, but it's just too damn damp in the Fall and I shudder to think what it will be like in Winter once things start freezing a bit!

Update: We've purchased several yards' worth of Lummi gravel and already have half the pen covered. So far it's managed to be much easier to walk on without slipping and completely capable of draining roughly 10 gallons of water poured on top. Something of vital necessity given that I must pour out the water bins inside the pen to clean and re-fill.


Oct. 19th, 2009 10:43 pm
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Prompted and guided by [livejournal.com profile] keastree, I've managed to deworm and delouse the cheekins. They are now receiving special electrolyte-infused water, as well. I found a covered litter box which I've filled with DE and poultry dust so they can dust to their little feathered-hearts content.

Due to the garden shed being full of poultry supplies and feed, there is absolutely no way Josh can store the motorcycle in there for the winter. Fortunately, we found an affordable kit shed for the bike and brought it home. We'll have to figure out how to erect it tomorrow, I expect much hilarity. And cursing. Lots and lots of cursing.

Getting organized. :)
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Having Sam, the Savior, around to get the grunt work of the yard done has been such a blessing. I wish all of you a strong-backed and willing minion! This week, he's already gotten the bushes out in the front border cut back so we can see the rock wall (remember that project from Summer 2008?) and the weed whacking done in the front and driveway. Tuesday he raked the yard of fircones, branches, etc. and today he's scooping up all the piles.

Together we managed to place the hutch/coop on it's side and pry out the duck ramp, which the cheekins can't use. In it's place, we installed a home-made chicken ladder made from miscellaneous sticks we found around the property, likely fallen from the fir trees. With Gracie's help, we placed the chickens in the bottom of the coop and locked them in the bottom section. So far, two have figured out the ladder. We will need to a bit of additional work to finish boarding up the coop to keep the cheekins warm and dry. Sam has offered, which we may take him up on. Update: Cheekins keep getting over the fence and show a particular fondness for the neighbor's boat. *headdesk*

Speaking of cheekins, Libby is absolutely enthralled by them. Half the time I head out there she's perched on top of the coop or watching them through the wire fencing. This will be interesting. I received an email this afternoon from someone who had wanted Roobios but hadn't had time to pick him up at the time his original owners were available. She's coming to pick him up, thrilled to have him. We'll take care of the gals to the best of our ability, more research and a trip to the Feedstore this afternoon should set them up well.

Josh begins leave this evening, he'll have roughly 6 days off to celebrate his birthday and work on a few projects. Not sure how much blogging I'll get in during that time, so take care of yourselves!
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I'm giving my rotten credit union one more day to process the fraudulent credit return, already two days past their promised (TOS) date. *creepy, gritted teeth smile* Then I will happily go Brooklyn on them, post my complaint to Consumerist and generally become a pain in the ass until I get my money back. *evil giggle*

Deb and I managed to get the bookshelves out of the Sun Room and over to their new home at her house. This leaves a lot of room in the Sun Room, but not quite enough to get things started on the Dining Room here. Hopefully, we can get the buffet cabinet moved in this week, where exactly in the room I know not where. Then we'll get the Watchtower moved to the Den for the next month.

Unfortunately, the wicker bistro set I want is out of stock. I'll be checking a few other stores in hopes they have something similar, at a similar price. I've a second favorite, here. I'll drive to the mainland to pick it up if I have to, but I'd much rather grab it locally given the cost of gas.

Kevin, aka Chicken, is coming over at 4:00 pm to fix the outdoor outlets and the south side faucet.
Outlets fixed, now I have to go to the Home Despot to find a new faucet. Gods, I love it when things are getting done!


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