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The In-Laws are en route from Sea-Tac, expecting to be on the 2pm ferry - which leaves us with a 30 minutes crossing, then 45 minute drive north to finish what we're going to get done. Hubby had to run to Home Despot this afternoon. He'd moved the laundry machines to rescue the hangers that fall behind them and in doing so, realized the dryer exhaust tubing had ripped in multiple places. After spending 20 minutes trying to tape it together, he gave up and drove into town.

Meanwhile, I've gotten the 3-seater sofa covers in the washer and just enough time to get it back on the sofa before the In-Laws arrive. I'll be starting a batch of Beer Butter Bread for Kevin in a few minutes, nothing like the smell of freshly baking bread to homey up a house.

Poor Doodle is confused as all get out. Flash & Gracie have lived through visits with my folks and Josh's, but this whole regimen is new to Doodle. I've been singing his little diddies, which always makes him happy and calm: "My little Doodle is cute, my little Doodle is cute, my little Doodle is cute, but sometimes I wish he were mute!" and of course, his other fave: "I has a little Doodle, I made him our of Noodles, he loves to eat his carrots, but nothing rhymes with carrots". Yeah, we need to work on those last two lines. :D

In other news, I have just been selected for Jury Duty. Again! I've never been called for jury duty as often as I have since moving here. Trista's cure for jury duty:

"I think I'd make a great member of the jury duty because I'm very psychic. I can tell by visualizing his aura if the defendant is innocent or guilty. Of course, I also confer with the tarot cards, my crystal pendulums from Sedona and all of my spirit guides. One must always be very thorough when consulting with the spirit world."

Good news~

Dec. 12th, 2008 04:11 pm
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I've hit some kind of wacky Great Conjunction between my exercise program and illness-related weight loss. As of last month, I needed a belt to hold my pants to a respectable, non-urban street youth height. This month, I've needed above referenced belt to keep pants above my ankles. This morning while dressing I had to tighten my belt another notch.

Distance between Ye Olde Notch and the New & Improved Notch? 2 inches!

And when I say 2 inches I'm referencing women's inches (aka standard inches) not a guy's 2 inches (which roughly translates as 7 inches standard). Though in hindsight, guy inches would be much more impressive.

*happy dance*


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