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The hot water heater is tucked in the back of my car and headed home with Josh. For those new, this is the second one since we bought the house seven years ago.

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Not that too many folks on here are likely to be put in the position to use this, but here goes anyway.

If someone tells you there's this great shareware called Amaya and they will give it to you to use, slap them across the face and jump up and down on them until someone calls the authorities. No, really. This is the sort of software your enemy should be using to plot your demise, thus ensuring your continued survival. Possibly even your immortality.

How does it suxxors?

It crashes constantly. It creates new and interesting places to save files where you will never, ever find them. We have more hope that someone will find Madonna's virginity than a file saved by Amaya. But no worries, because once you've found your file in that extra special place it created just for that file, it will crash. You will be zooming along lulled into the idea that this is a great shareware product, that perhaps you will recommend it to friends. Then it will crash. At least FrontPage, for all it's evil, didn't crash like this. My grandmother crashed her station wagon less requently than this monstrosity. I've been on it for three hours now and it has managed to crash more times than I can count. There are dents in the walls of my office and the pets are afraid. The local Air Station has mobilized their bomber jets because of the air raid klaxon coming out of my mouth on a regular basis now that I have Amaya.

Did I mention it crashes? Well, yes, now that you mention it.


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