Apr. 11th, 2012

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I've been trying to get pictures of Flash and Hobo duet napping, with Flash on his window bench and Hobo up on his window bed, but the dang twits keep waking up when I tiptoe over there! So I will keep trying. Because I know you all need double-barreled furkid napping goodness.

On with the rainbow cuteness:

White Silkie:


Porcelain Silkie:


Black Silkie:


Splash Silkie:


Pheasant Silkie:


I tried to get a picture of the blue Silkie, but I could not get the camera to focus! Its difficult to get the camera to focus on these chicks because of their down and silkie-type feathers to begin with, you add a soft color like blue and the pre-flash darkness and its nearly impossible!
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Earlier I posted Silkie chick pics, go back and squee over those. This will bore you to tears unless you're into sprout juicing or fodder growing.

Day One - (Tuesday) - Rinsed 4 cups each of both Rye and Black Oil Sunflower Seeds multiple times, then set them individually to soak in their respective bowls. Since I need to find binder clips to enclose the tarp cover, we're temporarily using the oven! :D

Day Two - (Wednesday) - Rinsed both sets of seeds, used the ricer to drain. Then divided each in half, set in respective trays with drilled drainage holes. Used unused trays to provide gentle pressure to simulate soil weight. Will be providing watering 3x Thursday.

Looking ahead, here's our plan (gleaned from BYC):

Day Three - Take both trays, rinse seed thoroughly (usually 2 or 3 times) and divide up into 4-6 trays filling about 1/2-3/4" set on shelves in living room rack, water 3x

Day 4-Water 3x

Day 5 thru finished height-water 3x day

When dividing them up into 4-6 trays, the rinsing helps a ton, plus they're well sprouted and there is plenty of airflow to keep the souring problem away.


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