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Just a bit of background, I've gone into Office Max three times this week. The first two times, I went in and looked at printers, spending about 20 minutes without anyone coming by to answer questions - so I left. Tonight, someone actually walked over and asked if we needed any help. Finally!

For those wondering why I kept going back, Office Max is the only store that sells laser printers on the entire Island. *sigh*

So now I have a bright and shiny color laser printer that I'm still installing. I'm going to put it through it's paces, test the ever-living crap out of it and if I'm not incredibly thrilled by it, we will pack it up and take it back.
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After spending 10 weeks unable to login in either system, with the one specific and bizarre situation where I could login and register for classes, I have now wasted yet another 1/2 hour on the phone with IT at the California Campus. Let's go ahead and call him George.

First, George gave me a password I've never even heard of, instead of say - the one that used to work but now doesn't. So we test that. Repeatedly. How many repeatedlies? more than a dozen. Nothing works.

Secondly, re-reading me the URL doesn't work, George. Re-reading me the other URL doesn't work either, George. (Really, how often does someone need to spell out: "w.w.w.period.b.l.a.c.k.b.o.a.r.d.period.c.h.a.p.m.a.n.period.e.d.u." anyways? Yes, George felt the need to spell Blackboard and Chapman to be REPEATEDLY.

Then George spelled out the WebAdvisor site, too. Repeatedly. Still doesn't work.

I gave up counting the amount of times he reset my password on his end.

Repeatedly is George's thing.

At the very last, George has a braintrust moment and asks what browser I'm using. Firefox, I tell him. "Oh, our system doesn't work with that!" He then tells me which versions of Explorer it works with, so I try two of those (different machines).

Apparently, their system doesn't work with Explorer, either.

Needless to say, the ticket has been escalated.
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Where the f-ck is everything?

Gods, I hate this 'upgrade'.
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For the grand price of $7, I managed to procure an IOMEGA external CD-RW so I can install software on my mini netbook. Fooking finally.

My ancestors would be so proud!


Mar. 24th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Hay fever has set in and I'm fairly miserable: sneezing, congestion and very tired. Dozer, aka the Doodle Bug, has been very sweet, hanging out with me and watching me with his deep, worried eyes.

I had to send the laptop back in (again), because Lenovo hadn't fixed the wireless connection after all. Now they are claiming they must re-image the hard drive since it's a "software issue" and they need to "update the drivers". This, btw, after insisting it was a board issue last time. Since this whole mess got started the *first* time we sent it in for something unrelated, I'm highly skeptical. Especially since all Lenovo will do is wipe it and re-install a basic image (I'll have to re-load Windows XP & MS Office) - how then are they going to test the wireless, I wonder?

In any case, I'm expecting a call back from them soon since the gal who called to explain the situation wasn't a tech and had such a thick accent she was all but unintelligible. Granted, my ears are quite blocked, but generally I can follow along with accents fairly well.

So let's keep track of all this Lenovo crap:
replaced wireless card - didn't fix it
replace board - didn't fix it
now wants to re-image the hard drive - wtf?

Yep, I'm cranky.
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Generally speaking, I expect certain things from a repair business. If I send or bring something in for you to fix, and you return it saying "it's fixed" I expect it to be fixed.

Silly me.

The problem is simple enough to describe - the wireless connection won't work. Oh, it says it's "Requiring Network Address" but that's as far as it goes. There's no connection made to the internet.

So far we've done all sorts of over the phone tech support, we've replaced the wireless card, we've updated drivers, gone into regedit, etc. and when none of that worked, the laptop was sent into Lenovo to fix the system board. Quick turn around was promised and delivered.

And it came back today, with a lovely little note explaining what they did and stated "all hardware problems are connected". Except they aren't. Same exact problem. Likely as not, Lenovo didn't actually test it to see if it can acquire a Wi-Fi connection. So we made another call to Atlanta, GA and they are sending another box.

This is past annoying. Really.


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