Oct. 15th, 2008

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I made Josh one of my super deluxe four pan dinners, which turned out sort of "meh" but that's another story. During dinner, we went over our ballots and discussed the various initiatives. Decisions were made, votes were cast and now I've two envelopes to hand deliver to the USPS tomorrow.

Aurora, the lovebird, has learned yet another trick. While filling up a large boiler to make penne pasta she flew over, perched on the rim then jumped in for a swim. Apparently, she's not content with the small bathing bowl on her cage!

Sadly, we arrived too late to the bus station and so missed Alfrecht. Wandered about town, with a side trip to the baking shop (nope, he wasn't in there: I was *most* thorough) just in case we could find him. I think we ran into just about every 2nd Jew though, in our wanderings downtown. There's something about a man all decked out in MC gear that seems to draw attention. Speaking of which, the sissy bar and back cushion are now installed on the bike.

One of the mini-rex girl buns has an eye infection, so we'll be taking them to the vet on Friday. Sort of a double duty trip to pick up Flash from his teeth cleaning and get Noir eye drops. Because she's housed with Nyx, we're bringing her in, too. All healing energies for bunny vision welcome!


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