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I've been so incredibly busy since coming home, I can only liken it to rampaging. Catching up with friends, running errands, taking care of the critters and coordinating the projects around here. Friday I was literally bouncing back and forth between Tiger's house and mine, where I had two crews working on the yards.

But for now, its quiet. The Bassets are napping on the sofa. Gracie is piled up on the pillows across from me. I'm willing myself to ignore the state of the house, which is horrid - there's still messes from madcap packing, the house is a dusty mess. I haven't even dealt with the brooder, which has been sitting in the meditation room filled with shavings and poop. And I have to fix the vacuum. Ugh.

Generally speaking, I'd be getting around for work on a Sunday but the boss has finally called it quits. I'm going to go in and help her set up her Amazon account to sell the store inventory online. I'm hoping to buy some bookcases and possibly, a few chairs. If I can get the chairs, that horrid 3-seater sofa is going away.

After many talks with my mother, I've the thought to sell off and give away as much of our furniture as possible before the move. Get to Florida (or a point on the East coast) and start over. Nothing we have is really appropriate for a Southeastern house. The dining room set is fine, possibly a few other pieces, but frankly so little is worth taking. Our house is a crazy amalgam of Freecycle, inexpensively purchased stuff and the cast off the odds and ends that a military community seems to attract.

Kevin is heading to New Orleans to visit family for he and his brother's birthdays. We have shopped ourselves silly putting together a light weight wardrobe, including a pair of shoes, for the trip. He's thinking a dump run should be done before he heads out, so I'm in waiting mode to hear back as to whether he needs the big pickup. If he does, I'll likely go with him to return the favor. If not, we have plans to watch a Netflix DVD.

My Mother asked about my "inner life" this visit, something she's never done before. Frankly, I haven't time for much of one I admitted to her. She admitted she's in much the same situation. We both laughed with exasperation at ourselves. Here we are two educated, brilliant Feminist women and we're too tired to develop ourselves at present. I need to get back up on my stride around here, Mom has visitors coming up to the Dorset house every weekend this Summer and likely through the Fall. This weekend, its Aunt Betty from Colorado. Whom we will all see at her son's wedding in August.

Which reminds me, I'll be in the Littleton/Denver area for a week in August. Generally family events are too chaotic and booked for meeting up with friends but [ profile] synapsepi is there and I do plan to make time in any way to hang out with her.


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