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Looks like we'll be babysitting Alex going forward two days a week for awhile. Not a huge inconvenience, of course, basically I pick her up in town at her Montessori school, run a few errands with her (she adores going to the feedstore, for instance), then bring to our home to play until her father (our neighbor) gets home. Alex is a delight and seems to enjoy being over here. Gods knows we have plenty to distract her around here - chicks, toys she likes, now baby bunnies.

At some point he's likely going to ask about paying us, frankly I'd rather he help us build a few coop boxes for our chicken pens. I'll buy the materials, of course. *WEG*

Tomorrow, Synda and I head over to Port Townsend to pick up the 25 or so chicks and the roo I'm taking to the auction for her. Should be a hell of a lot of fun. Anyone local wanna come along? We're heading out at 11:30am.

Thursday Kevin is due home, which should thrill BooBoo. He's acclimated pretty well to our schedule but its obvious he misses his own home and his dad. Kevin's been bored out of his mind this Det, so he'll be glad to be home, too.

I bought advance tickets for the midnight showing of Hunger Games at the local drive in. I really adored the books, so I'm really looking forward to the movies. If you haven't read them, give the movie a shot, I think you'll be very surprised at how good the material is.

Josh has a three day weekend, so we're hoping for good weather to work on the chicken pens. We'd like to get the other two finished in the West Wing to get the Silkies moved out to them to clear out the hutches. Poor Wendy is ready to get away from her chicks, they really don't fit under her anymore! Wendy will tuck in with Snow and his gals. Her chicks will likely join the Silkies in the blue shed. Update: Already have moved them!
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As a former Feminist Dianic, I'm sitting here thinking over the Pantheacon Dianic-Lilith situation. Frankly, this seems to be a repetitive cycle of boom and bust. These are my thoughts only, I speak with no presumed authority.

1. If you have any concerns about whether you are appropriate for a ritual where you do not know the presenters, its your responsibility to speak to them ahead of time about your concerns. Showing up and forcing them to deal with it in front of everyone when they are trying to get into proper ritual headspace is really not appropriate. Or good manners, frankly.

2. The Dianic Eldership, as evidenced by the SIGS community, seemed quite divided on the issue of transsexuality. It was impossible to say, at that time, THIS is allowed, THIS is not. Each Dianic Priestess did what she felt was appropriate, as guided by her Goddess. I did the same. Mine said "LET THEM IN!" and hence, I did.

3. When I was holding public Dianic rituals, I worked my ass of trying to get it out there that I accepted anyone who self-identified as a woman or would be able to do so for the span of the ritual. Some folks didn't get the message, to my heart-break. But whenever I found out someone felt left out, I made a very strong point to seek them out and extend my apologies and invite them. This, I believe, is how I met [ profile] man_of_snows. J, is that your recollection?

4. Personally, I believe in an androgynous Creatrix, what I often call the Powers That Be. From this, the Gods, spirits and Elementals were created. I see this sacred source has the most powerful force of Creation and honor it. Those who are created closer to this source than myself certainly don't need me to tell them whether they are worthy to be in any community.

5. That said, I do believe in women-centered and male-centered sacred spaces, respectively. I am also of the belief that if you are going to hold these rituals, the public venue is likely not the appropriate place for them. If you are going to do so, identifying your group and your intended community for participation seems to be a no-brainer. I would not show up for a Minoan Tradition circle, for example. The wording of the ritual in the guide seems needlessly vague. I have the utmost respect for Ruth Barrett. Ultimately, the duty of a HPs is to secure that the sacred space is safe for all involved. This she did according to her knowledge, experience and intuition. And people were hurt and have opened a dialogue that includes her. I'm very glad to see she's handling herself with the dignity, compassion and thoughtfulness I have come to expect from her.

6. I love women. I love men. And I love everyone in between. I left the Feminist Dianic community because I felt that too many of the people I loved were left out and I missed their presence in circle. I felt that our community had become entirely focused on healing those who identified themselves as victims to the exclusion of everything else. Hence where the man-bashing entered in, which I wanted no part of. In the mathematical equation of my life, both sexes have had their share of misdeeds and misbehavior. I can no more identify Man as the enemy, than Woman.


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